Our Services

We are a Social Business manufacturing clothing, bags, accessories, uniforms, home decor, table linen.

Patterns & Sampling

Our highly skilled staff can create a Pattern and Sample based on your requirements

Cutting & Sewing

We have a large team of Seamstresses who will cut and sew your items to the highest of standards

Material Sourcing

We have a large supplier network across the region and we can help source the right material you need

 Our Story

Our Story

The Life and Hope Sewing Centre was established in 2013. It was opened to provide a continuation of support for the graduates of Life and Hope's NGO Sewing Training Project. When the graduates successfully complete their training course we provide employment opportunities for the right candidates. We provide high quality commercial sewing skills for both personal and business need and have a proven execution of client projects. Our business is a Social Business managed by Khmer staff and for Khmer people. All profits are reinvested into the business to grow and offer more employment opportunities. Any other profits are reinvested into the NGO. Our aim is to further grow this centre through profitable business partnerships – all profits are reinvested into the centre to grow its capacity and improve the lives of our employees.

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